Prospective Homebirth Clients

Steps to establishing care with Moonlight Midwifery

1. Learn about Crystal's practice

Please follow each of these steps and do not skip one. Save the time you have during your consult with me for things that are not answered here..

1. Read these webpages

2. Look at the documents attached to these webpages

3. Watch the videos on here 

2. Contact Crystal

Crystal can be chatty and happy to answer your questions, but seriously, be respectful and have done step 1 before asking Crystal to answer all the questions she has spent so much time outlining here on webpages, documents and videos. 

Then, submit your details in the inquiry form to have Crystal contact you about discussing YOUR case. This is a short phone call to decide if a consult should be scheduled. You'll then get an email with documents attached... in case you did not read them on here. 

3. Schedule consult

If it sounds like you might be a homebirth candidate, you can schedule an in-person or virtual meeting. I ask that your partner/husband be present. 

4. Sign contracts

After the consult, I'll email you contract documents and a medical record request form to sign. We'll schedule our first visit, and  the $500 deposit is due. 

Great, so now you have a midwife, and now I have an awesome new client. 

  • Prenatal care is routine schedule & done at my home office. 
  • Labs & ultrasounds are referred out. 
  • Payment is completed & home is setup at 36weeks.
  • You rock birth.
  • We keep texting each other because we miss each other. 
  • That's kinda how it goes. 



Watch these videos

Help a midwife out and don't ask these questions when you call... because if you didn't read the pages, at least it's here on video!

Right? Yeah. Thx. 


Come see my office... (ugh why does it show such a scary pic of my face)

Here's what comes with me to births...

Let's talk about risk factors for homebirth... and hot topics like gestational diabetes....

And the reasons women and babies transfer to hospital and how that goes down...

Talking finances... but part 1 got deleted when my phone died... until I make a new one... please make sure you look at the finance page on here.

Thanks for joining me.

Click the inquire form for me to call you and discuss your case.

Inquiry Contact Form

Just a few questions so I know the basics of who I am talking to...

Learn about how birthing at home can be not only a Safe, but the safest option.