Steps to inquiring about and establishing care with Moonlight Midwifery

Available birth client spots- (last updated 2/7/23)

Inquire for openings in late July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov

*we consider many things in choosing homebirth clients. Aside from looking for the lowest risk birth candidates, I have to consider my availability, distance, and timing of potential births. I love working with first-time moms, but do limit birth spots. We can also work together in other ways, if you look at my women's health site Wild Herb. If it's your First Birth... follow @BetterPregnancy since we're launching a coaching program!!

1. Learn about Crystal's practice

Please follow each of these steps and do not skip one. Save the time you have during your consult with me for things that are not answered here..

1. Read these webpages

2. Look at the documents attached to these webpages

3. Review risk criteria and whether you fit

3. Watch the videos on here 

2. Contact us

After reading and watching the available information, please

submit your details in the inquiry form below. 

Early pregnancy? Read this webpage on options.

3. Schedule consult

If it sounds like you might be a homebirth candidate, we'll send you can schedule a virtual meeting. I ask that your partner/husband be present. The consult is a 20min complimentary time to talk to Crystal about your history, your case, your questions, and your interest in homebirth. She also uses it as a way to feel if you'd be a good fit for our philosophy and practice. 

Wait... is your partner on board? I like them on the consult call, but they should review the videos too and learn more about birth options and safety (like watch Business of Being Born). 

4. Sign contracts

After the consult, if it mutually feels like a good fit, you'll be emailed contract documents and a medical record request form to sign.

After signing the contract for care, the $500 deposit is due. Within the next two weeks you'll have a 1 hr intake tele-visit and a 1 hr in-person prenatal visit to start care. 

Prenatal care then continues on the routine schedule, with 1hr appointment spots on Thursdays (and option for some televisits on other days).

Partners and kids are welcome to attend visits and birth.

Great, so now you have a midwife, and now I have an awesome new client. 

  • Prenatal care is  scheduled monthly, every 2-3wks after 28wk, then weekly after 36wk. 
  • Labs are drawn at your appointment. A 20wk Ultrasound is scheduled. 
  • At 37wks, payment is completed & myself or one of my birth assistants visit your home. 
  • Labor starts, you birth (and you rock it!).
  • We return for a 24-48hr postpartum/newborn exam visit (I file birth certificate and complete newborn screenings, then fax records to your pediatrician).
  • Then we keep in touch for 6wks and  have a postpartum visit together. 
  • That's kinda how it goes. 



Watch these videos

Once you complete the inquiry process, you can schedule a free 20min consult with the midwife, but make sure you (and your partner!) watch these videos first to cover the common questions.



Come see my office... (ugh why does it show such a scary pic of my face)

Here's what comes with me to births...

Let's talk about risk factors for homebirth... and hot topics like gestational diabetes....

And the reasons women and babies transfer to hospital and how that goes down...

Talking finances... but part 1 got deleted when my phone died... until I make a new one... please make sure you look at the FINANCE PAGE on here because I added a link to an instagram video explaining insurance. 

Thanks for joining me.

Click the inquiry form to be in contact!

Homebirth Inquiry Contact Form

It asks you a few questions so we can review our availability and potential to serve you... (a second form may be emailed for more info!)

Other needs? Email

Prior to your consultation appointment, please be sure BOTH you and your partner review the available information to answer basic questions about homebirth. Thanks!

How are complications managed?

What protocols does the practice follow?

What makes homebirth safe?

Why homebirth vs birth center or hospital?

Learn about how birthing at home can be not only a Safe, but the safest option.