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I can’t say enough good things about Crystal! She is truly a Godsend. Crystal does not skip a beat when it comes to home birthing. She is organized, compassionate, and tailors your pregnancy and birth to your needs. She has really put a lot of time and love into her practice, and you can tell that by all the detail she puts into her website and patient portal. She is the total package and I’m so happy I found her for my third baby. If you want a homebirth do yourself a favorite and hire Crystal! She comes with some pretty rad assistants too. 

-Sabrina, 3rd pregnancy

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Crystal provides amazing prenatal and home-birth services! She took such good care of me as I navigated my first pregnancy. As a young mom, having Crystal there to answer all my questions and guide me through this journey has been so valuable. She made me feel safe and loved. She cares so much about pregnant women and their babies. I definitely recommend choosing Crystal as your midwife!

-Morgan, first pregnancy


I started seeing Crystal for midwifery prenatal care at 10 weeks of pregnancy. I immediately felt relaxed and at ease being with her. She is deeply knowledgeable and down to earth. Through our whole relationship, she was ALWAYS available to answer any questions or concerns I had. Though my birth didn't go as I had dreamt it would, she so compassionately attended to my emotional post birth process and helped us all feel held and complete. 

-Maya, cesarean mama

I used Moonlight Midwifery for my first home birth and 4th child. Crystal has a very soothing presence and I am so thankful to have been able to have my sweet baby girl at home! This is my first birth that I haven’t tore, and my husband got to catch the baby, we were blessed to have a safe and smooth delivery!

Kate, 1st homebirth

She went above and beyond when I needed her and she will always hold a special place in my heart. If you are searching for someone with loads of experience, who offers natural remedies for prenatal and postnatal issues, and holds space for you when you need it, then your search is over.

Chelsea, 2nd homebirth

This was my third pregnancy and I had never before experienced the care and knowledge that Crystal provided. She really partners with you, giving her honest opinion while respecting your decisions. Both my husband and I felt so safe and comfortable throughout the pregnancy and birth!

Kelly, 1st homebirth

Rachel's Experience

"Words cannot describe the amazing experience I had with Crystal for the home birth of my second child. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge -- it is seriously crazy how much she knows not only about prenatal care and labor and delivery, but about women's health more broadly. I trusted her completely with my prenatal care and delivery. Her presence is kind and soothing. Because of the amazing prenatal care she provided, I felt empowered and ready for my home birth. The birth experience itself was absolutely magical. Crystal and her assistant Mary kept me calm and safe, and took amazing care of my child and I in the immediate hours after. They respected my intuition, and supported me when I needed it. I wholeheartedly recommend Crystal for anyone looking to do a home birth!"  

Lucy's had 2 cuties with us!

The competition stops here when it comes to babies born with lots of hair!! Though none of her friends and relatives understand her desire for natural home birth, Lucy found her match in us because we understand all the supplements she knows and the gluten free ways she feeds her family. Birth assistant Sylvia was even able to speak in Spanish to Lucy's mother at the birth. 

“Thank you all for your choosing me at your midwife. It's such a privilege to be a part of your births”

-Crystal Bailey

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Check out more reviews on Google. We have a 5 star rating with 25 reviews. 

My philosophy is to be transparent on my style of care and protocols, select clients who seem to align with me, and to provide this exceptional care by focusing on just a few birth clients each month.

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