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Welcome!!!  Interested in homebirth?  Please review the information available on this website and fill out the inquiry form on the Prospective Clients page.

For women's health and naturopathy appointments visit Wild Herb. Thanks, Crystal

The Midwife-

Crystal Bailey CNM, APRN, ND

Certified Nurse Midwife

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Doctor of Naturopathy

"I believe in the sacredness of a baby's birth and have midwifed women for over 17 years in this calling. I have the seen the power of the midwifery model. I believe homebirth is safe for healthy mothers and babies.. I've delivered over a 1,000 babies in hospitals, birth centers, and international settings, but I enjoy the most the peace of babies being born in their own homes."

Homebirth is Safe.

Did you know that homebirth is safe, and can be safer, than a hospital birth in the US? 

With a supportive midwifery model, you will be less likely to have medical interventions and a cesarean.

Safety is also dependent upon the skill of the midwife and the health of the mother. Staying within the proven standards for out-of-hospital birthing keeps mothers and babies safe. 

Women's Health

Well woman exams, paps, hormone health, fertility, family planning, gyn problems

Prenatal & Birth

Early pregnancy consults, global pregnancy and homebirth care, fetal positioning and perinatal massage services, natural labor induction, postpartum care


Newborn care, night nursing care & sleep consults, colic care & allergy testing, breastfeeding assistance


I have a deep respect for the ability of women to birth babies, and for babies to be honored in their gestation and birth. I will push you to be informed and to be strong, because you can do natural birth like women around the world do every day. The midwife should be a quiet presence that helps create a conducive environment for this physiologic, primal thing of birth. However the midwife should have a confident authority at birth to facilitate things when they need guidance or intervention. I named my practice “Moonlight Midwifery” because babies come at night, when the world is calm, our stress is low, and babies get to come in peace. We are very intelligently designed and I like to first and foremost, honor this design, and use my training to interact with it in a safe and appropriate way to keep a woman and her baby safe. 

How does working with Crystal differ from other practices?

As a solo practitioner, Crystal can offer personalized and attentive care to a small number of clients.

Crystal has:

  • A reputation for strong clinical skills and problem-management
  • State licensure and ability to professionally collaborate in your care
  • Naturopathy training to integrate into her clinical skills and guidance
  • A document and resource for everything under the sun, including a pregnancy program you can follow in an app

You'll experience:

  • Empowerment in your health, with naturopathy exam and wellness goal-setting for pregnancy
  • Guidance on using nutrition, herbs and neutriceuticals to feel great!
  • Cozy and relaxed prenatal care environment
  • The sense of peace you can have when you know your midwife wants to be with you, protect you,  and honor your family and your birth


Hiring a homebirth CNM midwife will look very different than if you went to a group CNM/OB practice that funnels you through a system that takes care of a lot of women and has to bill insurance.


After working at and starting birth centers, I’ve got a very good grasp of acceptable protocols. Data supports midwifery care and out of hospital birth. Therefore, this is how I practice.  Midwifery care is supportive of the normal process of pregnancy and birth.  Having safe parameters is also important, because no birth experience is more important than the life of the mother and baby. I deeply respect that pregnancy and birth may not proceed normally and I’ve worked with a lot of high risk cases during my career as a midwife working in rural OB practices and with Doctors without Borders in Africa. A midwife should always be thinking ahead and ready with a management plan. 

Homebirth is a great financial investment

Everyone's financial situation is different. Having your own midwife has many benefits, and the quality of care per dollar spent may be the best investment you can make in ensuring a mother and baby are cared for well. I'll explain costs and how I can help you use insurance benefit by sharing my financial policies here. 

There's no better time than now to know your options

Georgia has the highest maternal mortality rate in the US, and the US is far behind most other developed nations in obstetric care outcomes. 

It's time to question whether standard US obstetric care is right for you.

Personal care by an experienced Certified Nurse Midwife will keep you and your baby safe.