Midwife Crystal

Crystal Bailey CNM, MSN, ND


  • Emory University, Master of Nursing, Midwifery, 2007
  • Emory University, Bachelor of Nursing, 2006
  • Taylor University, Bachelor of Science, Biology, 2003

Other Education

  • School of Embodied Arts, Feminine Embodiment Coaching, 2024
  • Institute for Functional Medicine, practitioner course 2020
  • Trinity School of Natural Health, Doctorate of Naturopathy, 2019
  • Perinatal Massage 
  • Spinning Babies

Crystal's Story

I started my path toward midwifery at Emory University, enrolling in the nursing and global health tract. After finding myself fascinated while reading about the physiology of the pregnant body, I enrolled in the Nurse Midwife program, though not fully aware of what a midwife does. Years later, I can confidently say that I was meant to become a midwife. My life goals of coming alongside people through difficult times, of providing holistic and hands-on care, and of caring about the empowerment of women all fit this special profession. I also hold a prior degree in Biology from Taylor University, and have never gotten over my fascination with plants- you’ll see many in my house!

After graduation as a Nurse Midwife, I worked in Cookeville TN, attending hospital and birth center births. Thereafter, I followed my love for Africa and taught midwives for a year in Malawi and worked as a midwife in a Doctors without Borders hospital in South Sudan. In 2015, I returned and studied perinatal massage and worked briefly at Madisonville TN’s rural birth center. I also worked as a Labor, Postpartum and Baby nurse at Emory and in Macon. In 2016, I returned to Atlanta to help open Atlanta Birth Center. After a few years, I transitioned away to work with refugee women and worked overnight as a baby nurse at people’s homes and taught at Emory. I finished a Doctorate in Naturopathy in 2019. .  I opened Moonlight Midwifery in 2019, and am excited to be living out my lifelong dream of attending home-sweet-homebirth. In 2020 I got a commercial space in Oakhurst to offer naturopathic women’s health visit, and I call this branch of my practice “Wild Herb.”

My hobbies include gardening, tennis, hiking, writing, pottery and traveling.  On weekends you’ll find me at the local farmers market and volunteering to keep the coffee carafes full at church. I’ve been involved in the foster community, and currently do some volunteer midwifery with the refugee community. I have not had the opportunity to become a mother myself, but I do have a sweet puppy named Max. I definitely miss hiking, traveling and seeing family (they are in Ohio) because we have to be available as midwives, but the enjoyment of seeing babies born at home is really amazing. 

This path of being a midwife has been enriching, sometimes hard, and yet fully embodies the gifting of who I am- what an incredible thing to be a midwife! 

“Birth and babies have taught me over and over that all they need is gentle support, calm presence and keen observation, with the ability to help in those few cases that need our skilled hands and interventions. I have not seen more and become more scared; instead, I have become more aware of the sacred and filled with respect for an innate process. I feel called to protect the journey of a mother and baby through this sacred space, and there is no better place than home to be undisturbed.”

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Meet the team

Current team (updated 5/15/24): 

Crystal Bailey CNM- primary midwife;

Sara Stone CNM- PRN midwife, birth assistant; 

Sylvia Dorham- birth assistant;

Bella Dorado- birth assistant;

Jenna Stamps- birth assistant, midwife student

Picture: 2023 Birth Team - Crystal, Mary, Priscilla, Lauren

Midwife Sara

Sara Stone CNM is another friendly midwife face you may see at visits or births. In summer 2023 I decided it was time for me to provide a mentorship opportunity for the next generation of midwives. Sara answered the post, and we've invited her to glean from us the wisdom and practice of holistic midwifery, which is surprisingly very hard for CNMs to get mentorship in! Sara also went to Emory and was in the same fellowship as me and has a passion for international work.

She's attends prenatal clinic days and births, as available. 

Starting in late 2024, Sara will have been mentoring under me for a year and will be stepping into a midwife role when I am unavailable, or if we have two births at once. I think it'd be amazing to leave town at least every other month, whohoo!!!  This midwife help will allow us to take more births too!

 Birth Assistant Sylvia

Sylvia joined the team in 2024. She is passionate about physiologic birth and homeopathy. She recently moved to Atlanta with her family. She is an experienced doula, birth assistant, advanced EMT and NFP instructor. She is Catholic and her husband is pastor of a local congregation.

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 Birth Assistant Mary

Mary Hanks was my primary birth assistant from 2020-2024. She's recently gotten her certification in the BodyReadyMethod and has transitioned more to private offering of these consultations and doula services. Please reach out to her at www.maryhanks.com to learn more about her current offerings. She is no longer offering birth pool rental.

Birth Assistant Lauren

Lauren Noonan is registered nurse who's attended many births in and out of hospital as a nurse, doula and birth assistant. In 2023 she welcomed a baby at home and is now focusing more on her busy family life. 

Birth Team Pool Party 2023!

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