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Nurse Midwife & Owner

Moonlight Midwifery

Crystal Bailey CNM, MSN, ND




  • Trinity School of Natural Health, Doctorate of Naturopathy, 2019
  • Emory University, Master of Nursing, Midwifery, 2007
  • Emory University, Bachelor of Nursing, 2006
  • Taylor University, Bachelor of Science, Biology, 2003

Crystal's Story

Crystal started her path toward midwifery at Emory University, enrolling in the nursing and global health tract. After finding herself fascinated while reading about the physiology of the pregnant body, she enrolled in the Nurse Midwife program, though not fully aware of what a midwife does. Years later, she can confidently say that she was meant to become a midwife. Her life goals of coming alongside people through difficult times, of providing holistic and hands-on care, and of caring about the empowerment women all fit this special profession. She also holds a prior degree in Biology from Taylor University, and has never gotten over her fascination with plants.

After graduation as a Nurse Midwife, Crystal worked in Cookeville TN, attending hospital and birth center births. Thereafter, she followed her love for Africa and taught midwives for a year in Malawi and worked as a midwife in a Doctors without Borders hospital in South Sudan. In 2015, she returned and studied perinatal massage and worked briefly at Madisonville TN’s rural birth center. She has also worked as a Labor, Postpartum and Baby nurse at Emory and in Macon. In 2016, Crystal returned to Atlanta to help open Atlanta Birth Center. She transitioned away to work with refugee women and took a midwife break (overnight baby nursing shifts were a break for her!). She finished a Doctorate in Naturopathy in 2019, and started doing private consultations. You’ll also find her occasionally teaching at Emory University, her alma mater. God has shown her once again that she is needed to attend women at birth. Moonlight Midwifery was opened in 2019, and Crystal is excited to be living out her lifelong dream of attending home-sweet-homebirth. 

Crystal’s hobbies include gardening, tennis, hiking, writing, pottery and traveling.  She has a cat, “Lizzie.” Her Christian faith is important to her, and she has several Atlanta churches she church-hops between. Crystal also is involved in the foster community, and sometimes is a “respite foster mom,” which is why she has a “kids room” in her house. She admits she’s behind the curve on getting married and having her own kids, but that’s helped her be more available as a midwife, and besides, it’s a terrible profession to meet available men anyway. If you know any good ones, help her out. 

“Birth and babies have taught me over and over that all they need is gentle support, calm presence and keen observation, with the ability to help in those few cases that need our skilled hands and interventions. I have not seen more and become more scared; instead, I have become more aware of the sacred and filled with respect for an innate process. Therefore, I will protect the journey of a mother and baby through this sacred space, and there is no better place than home to be undisturbed.”

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