COVID-19 Midwifery & Newborn Care Alternative Options Available

by Moonlight Midwifery in Decatur, GA

As a community-practice Nurse Midwife I realize I can meet needs to reduce COVID exposure to women and families, and I am committed to adapting and recruiting help as needed during this crisis response. I am currently working from my home and your home, which means you do not have to be around other people in an office or hospital.

Here's what I can offer, 

1. Traditional Prenatal & Homebirth care

Prenatal care and homebirth is my standard practice, and I am keeping my standards and protocols intact unless true emergency response is needed. Transferring into my care for homebirth reduces your chance of being around a lot of people at birth, but all birth setting carry risks. Learn more HERE.

Current contact precautions: More visit and education time is doneonline or by phone. In-person visits we both wear masks and may use outside seating some. When entering each other's homes, we both put on clean clothes, wear masks and wash in/out. 

2. Itemized visits for co-care with your existing practice

If there is a way I can provide a service to you from my outdoor office or your home, then I am willing to itemize that service, which means you pay for that one visit and then resume traditional care with your regular providers. 

Carport & Patio Care!

Yes, I am serious about adapting and reducing risks to me and you. Being outside is better for infection control than inside, so here's how that may work!

Checkups from your car 

Drive into my carport, where I can have a table set up for my supplies and cleaning/PPE process. (I put on a clean clothing cover-up, mask and gloves). I can see you and baby in your space so you are  protected from exposure. Here's some example visits that can be done this way.

  1. Prenatal visits (you should really be doing with your primary practice though), Non-stress test, BP check, leaking of fluid test
  2. Postpartum check- If you're discharged early from hospital, I can check your BP and uterus. 
  3. Baby check- To leave hospital before 24 hours, you need a plan for the CCHD (cardiac) screen and "heelprick" (Newborn Metabolic Screen). I can do these, along with a baby exam, cord clamp removal, and weight... all while you hold your baby in your car. 
  4. Procedural care- OMG please do not birth unassisted, but I hear lots of ladies talking about it, or I suspect some women will wait at home so long baby will come in the car. So, I guess there are circumstances where I'd do a vaginal repair or newborn care. This not ideal, but until hospital adapt, I'm adapting. 

Patio consults

Visits where we will sit and talk (more history taking, education, problem solving, naturopathy consults) can be done on my back deck patio, which is covered and we can sit several feet away, wearing masks... this allows us to keep the longer-visit fashion safe. 

How Carport Care works:

  • 1. You pay per service and midwife time, so book & pay online
  • 3. You drive up and have your service done
  • 4. The invoice with billing codes is sent to your email
  • 5. Your note is emailed or handed to you. Newborn screens are mailed in.
  • 6. Phone report can be given to your OB/Pediatrician if you call  your on-call  provider during the visit
  • 7. Resume care with your practice- I am not fielding phone calls beyond the service time if you are not my regular client. This is temporary, emergency-measure care during a crisis time. 



Booking online

I will open my online schedule.

Go to

Choose location: MM Carport

Don't see what you need? Choose Other and pay the deposit. Then, pay the rest after the visit is itemized accord to time & service provided. 

Payment & Insurance

You will pay online with credit card or HSA card.

An invoice is automatically generated with the service and ICD10, CPT codes.

Check your email for the invoice.

You can submit this invoice to your insurance as an out-of-network expense. 


If I am not your contracted pregnancy provider, then you must maintain care with your OB practice. I am not liable for your course of care or outcome. You must establish newborn care with your pediatrician. I am only advising and caring for you at the time of your service when I am seeing you or your baby. I am only offering services in the scope of practice of a Certified Nurse Midwife. If I feel physician care or hospital care is needed, I will refer you.  You must agree to not schedule Moonlight Midwifery services for care that is high-risk or emergency scope.